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Feasibility studies at NSE

Written by - 10.10.2018 - kl. 10.52

The first semester at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) the year 4 students are divided into rotating groups and conduct six different feasibility studies. The goal of a feasibility study is to investigate the commercialization potential of ideas, university research, or identified problems or opportunities. Feasibility studies at NSE are one of the most important and exciting activities, as this is where many of our success stories begin.


Updated information about application and interview process

Written by - 28.05.2018 - kl. 11.14

We have received many questions about the application process and interview times. Here is an update:

1. We will start interviewing candidates Friday 1st of June and have interviews until 15th of June.
2. Interviews will be held in person in Trondheim, or over Skype for those who can not meet in person.
3. Candidates will within Tuesday 29th of May know if they have qualified for an interview or no.
4. Candidates will know if they are recommended to start at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship from the academic administrative division of NTNU in the middle of July.

4 days left to application deadline!

Written by - 12.04.2018 - kl. 12.29

On norwegian, for all students looking to apply.

4 dager igjen til søknadsfrist!

Nå er det bare 4 dager igjen til søknadsfrist. Med det poster vi noen ofte stilte spørsmål og en guide til hvordan man søker riktig på søknadsweb!

Du finner oppskriften på hvordan man søker på søknadsweb her.


5 days left to application deadline!

Written by - 11.04.2018 - kl. 13.49

Nå er det kun 5 dager igjen til søknadsfristen til Norges mest engasjerende master går ut!

Er du gira på å skape din egen fremtid?

På NTNUs Entreprenørskole får du muligheten til å utvikle deg selv raskere enn på noe annet studie. Gjennom egen oppstartsbedrift får du bli din egen sjef, lære masse nytt hver eneste dag, og ikke minst skape et sterkt nettverk gjennom arbeidet du gjør.

Konsernsjef i Adecco Norge, Torben Sneve, sa i går under et foredrag i Trondheim, “Vi finner de beste hodene, og i de siste årene har de kommet fra NTNUs Entreprenørskole”.

Søk du og! Les mer om søknadsprosessen her!

Students from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship talks about their program (Norwegian).

Written by - 08.03.2018 - kl. 12.57

Live (repost from Facebook) from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship about how to apply to the program, interviews with students and information about our case competition, the golden ticket!

You can read more about the case competition, the golden ticket here, and if you have any questions you can check out Q&As here! For any other inquiries send us an email at

Visit at the Lerchendal-conference

Written by - 14.02.2018 - kl. 08.44

The Lerchendal-conference, also known for being the Norwegian answer to Davos, is a meeting place for leaders within the Norwegian industry, research environments and public management. The theme for this years conference was “From visions to execution – Norwegian competitiveness in a digital world”. With talks from profiles such as prime minister Erna Solberg, chief technology officer in Microsoft, Shahzad Rana, and executive vice president in SINTEF, Alexandra Bech Gjørn, the conference provided a comprehensive program where innovation was in focus.

Being students at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and hopeful entrepreneurs, some of us were lucky enough to participate at this years conference. Through quality discussions around the tables, panel debates and good presentations, we really get the pulse of social development here in Norway. In the video below we talk to the principle of NTNU, Gunnar Bovim, about the importance of study programs like ours.

If we are to remember one thing from the conference, it can be summed up in a quote from the General Director for research and innovation in EU, Wolfgang Burtscher:

“Innovation has never happened so fast before and it will never be so slow again”