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The Norwegian Minister of Finance visited NTNU

Written by - 03.02.2016 - kl. 20.42

siv jensen NTNU send

The startups StormPetrel and Assistep from NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship got a chance to pitch their startups to the Norwegian Minister of Finance when she visited NTNU.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are receiving great attention these days as the oil-nation Norway are facing great changes. The students at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship are thrilled about this extra attention and used this day talking about their start-ups to Siv Jensen. She where impressed about the ambitions and determination from the students and encourage these types of activities.

Over 50% of the students at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship continue in their own start-ups after graduating, which have created over 450 workingplaces the past years.