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The unique cooperation with CERN receives attention

Written by - 10.01.2015 - kl. 16.07

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Ukeavisen Ledelse wrote this week about the successful contact between NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) and CERN. NSE has since 2008 had a fruitful cooperation with CERN where NSE students once a year travel to CERN to find new commercial potential for their technologies.

– The vision of NSE is to create a out of the ordinary study where we educate the world’s best business developers. The students must be put in extreme environments in order to reach extreme learning. CERN is pushing the limits of human knowledge, and it is thus a perfect place for pushing the limits of our students, says professor Øystein Widding.

There is currently two startups working with CERN technology, namely GEM and TIND technologies.