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Vio gets ready to launch their prototype in cooperation with Bonnier Media

Written by - 22.01.2015 - kl. 13.53


The last months have been very exciting for Vio as they have finally closed an agreement with the media provider Bonnier Media AS, with more agreements down the pipeline. This secures a wide selection of content for their prototype, that is due to be launched in a few weeks. In a short while, users will be able to discover, read and share articles from magazines such as National Geographic and Science Illustrated, so make sure you have signed up as a beta user.

Vio is an online journalism service that provides digital access to a selection of Norwegian newspapers and magazines, article by article. They call themselves a “Netflix for journalism”. By unbundling newspapers and magazines into individual articles, they can distribute these to any device, anywhere, at any time. The beauty with this concept is that each user is served a unique compilation of articles relevant to that user, independent of publication. Their goal is to activate the digital generation below 30 to read more journalism.

The focus for Vio in the forthcoming period is to invite readers to test their prototype, in order to adapt their services to the customers’ specific needs. Shortly thereafter, they are planning to launch a public beta with a broader selection of quality journalism. 2015 will be a great year for Vio, and NSE is looking forward to follow their progress.

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