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NSE Newsletter Q4 2018

Written by - 18.11.2018 - kl. 11.46

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Tenth CERN-NTNU Screening Week held at CERN

Written by - 13.11.2018 - kl. 20.03

Ranveig Strøm at CERN Knowledge Transfer Group has written an article about NSE and CERN. It is interesting to see how the screening week can be a start of new businesses related to CERN technology, and how well this can be done. The tenth version of the programme was a success as always!

You can read the article at


Feasibility studies

Written by - 05.11.2018 - kl. 11.35

Feasibility studies are the main focus for all first-year NSE students the first semester. They analyze business ideas and take a look into the possibilities for creating a startup from the idea. This requires high productivity and a lot of information about the field. Each week ends with several presentations held by each group.


A week at CERN

Written by - 31.10.2018 - kl. 21.59

In week 42 the year 4 students went to Switzerland to visit the research facilities at CERN, where they got the opportunity to discover and test new applications for CERN’s technology. Every year, this is an intensive week with long hours and a lot of interesting but demanding tasks. In one week, it is required to understand a CERN technology, find market fits and check if these possibilities can create a sustainable business.

During the NTNU Screening week 2018, the students from NTNU’s school of entrepreneurship were divided into three groups and assigned to work with three different technologies developed at CERN.

The first team searched for new use cases for a robust fiber optic cable that monitors radiation in the particle accelerators. The second team looked into Collaboration Spotting (CS); a visualization and navigation platform used to identify relationships in large and complex datasets. The last team focused on finding potential costumers and ideas for improvement for a shift planning tool.
All results were reported and presented for the technology developers and the knowledge transfer department at CERN.


Congratulation Costail – winner of Venture Cup 2018!

Written by - 28.10.2018 - kl. 12.31

Yesterday was the Norwegian final in Venture Cup 2018. Venture Cup is the worlds largest business plan competition and is held in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. This year Costail and Sensero from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship were participating in the competition together with hundreds of other startups from Norway.

Costail – 1st place


We proudly congratulate Costail for winning the national final in Venture Cup 2018, and Sensero for getting the 3rd place! What these two startups have achieved in under a year is really impressive. It has been great to watch your development and progression from the founding and all the way to finished prototypes, test products for early adaptors and soon to be released software – in addition to having two of the best business plans in Norway!


Sensero – 3rd place

‘International College Students’ Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition

Written by - 23.10.2018 - kl. 10.25

Sensero won a bronze price for one of the best business plans in a competition at Zhejiang University!

Last week, Sensero and Traqr attended ‘International College Students’ Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition 2018 at Zhejiang University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in China. They were representing parts of the Norwegian trade delegation to Shanghai before they were presenting their companies for representatives from Chinese businesses. Together with startups from schools like MIT, Stanford and the National University of Singapore was our two startups from NTNU, NTNU School of Entrepreneurship competing for having the best business plan.

After pitching their business plans was Sensero selected as one of the startups with the best business plan and received a bronze medal in the competition. In addition, the students from both Sensero and Traqr got the opportunity to meet other students, partners and key persons in a different culture in China. As Fredrik Riiser from Traqr formulated in a post after the trip; “it was an amazing experience to learn about the entrepreneurial similarities and key differences we as a nation with long-term economic prosperity share with the world’s most booming economy.


Feasibility studies at NSE

Written by - 10.10.2018 - kl. 10.52

The first semester at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) the year 4 students are divided into rotating groups and conduct six different feasibility studies. The goal of a feasibility study is to investigate the commercialization potential of ideas, university research, or identified problems or opportunities. Feasibility studies at NSE are one of the most important and exciting activities, as this is where many of our success stories begin.


Visit from CERN

Written by - 08.10.2018 - kl. 18.13

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship has developed a close cooperation with CERN, Switzerland, one of the world’s largest research centers. Every year the new students visits the research facility in Switzerland to discover and test new applications for CERN’s technology. They can later choose the technology as their commercialization project for the next semester.

Today, former student and entrepreneurship development officer from CERN, Ranveig Strøm, visited year 4 students at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. She held a presentation for them about which technologies they could choose to test new applications for. The technology is software or hardware, often made for tasks related to the particle accelerator. This software and hardware have a lot of potential in other areas as well, and the goal for the trip to CERN is for the students to experience how it is to start with a technical product and try to find new ways to commercialize it through an intensive feasibility study.

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship celebrates 15 years!

Written by - 02.10.2018 - kl. 16.23

Last week was NTNU School of Entrepreneurship celebrating their 15 years anniversary, after Øystein Widding and Roger Sørheim started the program back in 2003. The anniversary lasted two days and was packed with different activities that included a celebration dinner, entrepreneurial learning and lectures, pitches by students from the 4th grade and alumni, workshops and much more.

The anniversary weekend brought back over 100 alumni and around 200 people from the program network. It was impressive to see so many entrepreneurs and likeminded gathered to see where the program is today, and where it will be in the next 15 years!