Faculty member Dr. Roger Sørheim

Dr. Roger Sørheim


Roger Sørheim is cofounder of NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. He holds a position as professor in entrepreneurship at Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU). Sørheim is the director NORSI – The Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (www.norsi.no) and is the head of research in Engage – centre for excellence in entrepreneurship education (www.engage-centre.no). The primary focus in his research relates to early-stage finance, commercialization of technology and entrepreneurship education. Sørheim has published in a number of peer reviewed journals, including; Nature Biotechnology, Journal of Small Business Management, Venture Capital, Technovation. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.”

Faculty member Dr. Øystein Widding

Dr. Øystein Widding


Professor Widding is a cofounder of NTNU School of Entrepreneurship . He holds a dr. oecon (2003) and a cand. merc (1999) degree from Bodø Graduate School of Business, cand. mag from Lillehammer College (1995). Widding is currently working as a Director at SFU Engage, a Centre of Excellence through Entrepreneurship Education. Besides his academic career, Widding has several  years of management experience, e.g. as managing director, business angel, infantry officer, business angel, entrepreneur and from executive boards.

His special research interests are entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. The context for his research is technology based firms in early stage with growth ambitions, where there are challenges to attract resources, such as knowledge and risk capital, e.g. through business angels, seed capital and venture capital. Widding’s vision is that all students at universities are introduced to entrepreurship, which will reveal learning energy, and empower the candidates to become change agents in different contexts for the better of the society.

Faculty member Dr. Lise Aaboen

Dr. Lise Aaboen


Lise Aaboen is Professor of technology-based entrepreneurship at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She received her PhD from Chalmers University of Technology. Her research interests include incubators, new technology-based firms, entrepreneurship education and early customer relationships. She has published in a range of journals, including Technovation, Industrial Marketing Management and European Journal of Engineering Education.

Faculty member Dr. Torgeir Aadland

Dr. Torgeir Aadland

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Aadland is a former student of the School of Entrepreneurship, where he enrolled after studying Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU. Aadland later did his dissertation on entrepreneurship education while being affiliated at Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, working at the School of Entrepreneurship and in Engage – Centre for Excellence in Higher Education. Aadland’s research focus is on outcomes and impact from entrepreneurship education. Aadland also has extensive experience in working with several start-ups and holds a special interest in finances and strategy for early-stage businesses.

Faculty member Dr. Dag Håkon Haneberg

Dr. Dag Håkon Haneberg

Associate Professor

Dag Håkon Haneberg graduated from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship in 2015 and worked with the startup Morpho Solar AS developing and commercialising a thermal heat storage for solar cooking. Dag Håkon had graduated with an MSc. in nanotechnology in 2011, hence his duties in Morpho Solar AS were to lead the technology and product development processes. Dag Håkon later completed a PhD degree on student entrepreneurs’ learning as a part of the Engage centre at NTNU. He has been involved in the creation and development of multiple student organisations and has coached more that 30 student entrepreneurs. Today, Dag Håkon is an associate professor in entrepreneurship at the department of industrial economics and technology management, NTNU.

Faculty member Even Haug Larsen

Even Haug Larsen

Assistant Professor

Even Larsen is an assistant professor in entrepreneurship. He teaches different modules and topics in the courses that are given through the program and also supervise students master thesis. Larsen has done research on entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial skills, and the use of reflection in entrepreneurship education.

Faculty member Dr. Marius Tuft Mathisen

Dr. Marius Tuft Mathisen

Associate Professor II

PhD from NTNU. He is a graduate (MSc) from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (2007) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Main responsibilities within teaching, supervising, and mentoring students and new venture projects at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and the Engage centre. Mathisen’s research activities are focused on the field of academic entrepreneurship and commercialisation of technology. His research is published in peer-reviewed academic journals, and he is an active contributor in the public discourse within his field of expertise. His doctoral dissertation received the 2018 Heizer Doctoral Dissertation Award in New Enterprise Development as the first-ever Scandinavian.

Mathisen has long work experience as an entrepreneur, manager and consultant from a variety of industries. He is a serial entrepreneur, and is currently the CEO of the Norwegian technology company Appfarm AS (www.appfarm.io).

Faculty member Sigrid Westad Brandshaug

Sigrid Westad Brandshaug

PhD Candidate

Sigrid has a master´s degree in teaching and counselling from NTNU and has been working with training in team facilitation in Experts in Teamwork (NTNU) before starting as a Ph.D. candidate in Engage. In her research project she is exploring team processes at NSE and how the students handle and learn from challenges.


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